Tips for the Month:

  • Respond promptly to swarm call outs to prevent bees from becoming a nuisance.

  • Continue 7 day inspections and ensure queen has space to lay. You may see that the amount of brood starts to decrease during the month.

  • Book the Association extractor with Steve Martin

  • Add supers as needed - when the bees are covering ¾ of the frames in the super or broodbox.

  • Remove supers for extraction when most frames are sealed or nearly fully sealed. Replace the removed super with an empty super to prevent congestion.

  • Continue to check for disease when inspecting, both on brood and on adult bees. Consult someone more experienced if you are concerned.

  • Ensure you have registered your apiary on BeeBase so that if there is disease located in our area you can be contacted by the bee inspectors to stop it spreading.