Tips for the Month:

  • Continue 7 day inspections to check for swarm preparations and to ensure queen has space to lay

  • Add supers as needed - when the bees are covering ¾ of the frames in the super or broodbox.

  • Book the Association extractor with Steve Martin

  • Continue to check for disease when inspecting, both on brood and on adult bees. Consult someone more experienced if you are concerned. Come to the Apiary session to see how to do a disease inspection

  • Ensure you have enough empty hives or nuc boxes to do swarm control measures and/or for swarms collected.

  • Respond promptly to swarm call outs to prevent bees from becoming a nuisance.

  • Ensure you have registered your apiary on BeeBase so that if there is disease located in our area you can be contacted by the bee inspectors to stop it spreading.