Tips for the Month:

  • Keep alert for any sightings of the Asian hornet - one has been seen in Berkshire - not so far away and report!

  • Heft or weigh hives to make sure colonies have sufficient stores to get through winter. It is too late now to disturb the bees by opening hives.

  •  Ensure your hives are bee-tight with no small holes or gaps that wasps or robber bees can penetrate. Blue tack or gaffer tape are good short term remedies.

  •  Ensure mouse guards are in place to prevent mice finding a nice warm pantry to spend the winter in.

  •  Either strap down hives or place a heavy brick or stone on the roof to prevent it being blown off in high winds.

  •  If there are green woodpeckers near your hives, protect them with wire netting to prevent the woodpecker’s long beak reaching the wood and making a hole to get at the bees.  Some people dangle strips of plastic as a deterrent (I am not sure if this works!)