Tips for the Month:

  • Finish varroa treatments and record what you have done

  • Monitor stores in the brood box and make sure that the bees have at least 20 Kilo or 45 lbs of stores for winter ie both sides of 8 standard frames.

  • Heft your hives by lifting to get an idea of the weight of a winter-ready hive or weigh the hive with luggage scales on both sides divided by 2 to get an idea of what a stocked hive weighs so you can monitor it through the winter.

  • Keep entrances small entrances to make robbing more difficult and to enable bees to fight off wasp attacks.

  • Monitor hornet traps regularly and release trapped insects and take photos of suspected hornets to report to non-native species apps and websites.

  • Look out for wasps and put out traps or preferably, deterrents