Tips for the Month:

  • Do some study to improve your beekeeping

  • Start to plan what extra equipment you may need for next year.


  • Review your beekeeping records and plan what you want to do next year.

  • If you are treating with oxalic acid, try to choose a week where temperatures are due to fall below 3deg C and remember to use protective clothing - this is a strong chemical.

  • Make sure hives are prevented from the full force of winter winds - erect a barrier or reposition hive behind shrubbery. In windy weather check hives have not lost a roof. Place a brick on the roof or strap up the whole hive.

  • Heft hives every few weeks to to gauge from their weight how much the bees have been consuming and how they are faring during the winter . If you are concerned that the hive is feeling light, put a block of fondant over the feed hole of the crown board.


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