Tips for the Month:

  • Keep a watch for the Asian Hornet and maintain traps for wasps if these are a nuisance. Notify This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a picture if possible.

  • Heft hives every few weeks to to gauge from their weight how much the bees have been consuming and how they are faring during the winter . If you are concerned that the hive is feeling light, put a block of fondant over the feed hole of the crown board.


  • Clean any equipment you have removed so it is ready for next year. Scrape off wax and propolis with a hive tool and then flame them with a blow torch or flame gun.

  • Repair any boxes which may have come apart or developed holes.

  • Store supers and spare brood frames securely so that wax moth cannot get to them. If possible freeze the frames for 48 hours before storage as this kills, eggs, larvae and adults or treat with acetic acid being very careful as the fumes can be dangerous to you and will eat away at cement.

  • Put on woodpecker protection if you have green woodpeckers near your apiary.

  • In windy weather check hives have not lost a roof. Place a brick on the roof or strap up the whole hive.