Tips for the Month:

  • Keep up weekly inspections to check for queen cells. Even if you have done a swarm prevention or had a swarm leave your hive, if the colony builds up strongly there may still be another swarm.

  • If your bees have not swarmed but your queen is aging, consider making up a nuc with the old queen and forcing the bees in the old hive to make queen cells and produce a new queen.

  • Continue to put on extra supers when ¾ of frames are covered by bees.

  • Consider doing a Bailey comb change or a shook swarm to get your bees onto new frames. Remember to feed weak syrup (1:1 sugar and water) if you are asking the bees to draw out a lot of foundation, but keep a check, and stop feeding once most of the foundation has been drawn out.

  • If your bees are near oilseed rape (within the 3 mile limit) remove supers once they have been sealed and extract immediately before it crystallises.


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