Tips for the Month:

  • When you do your first inspection, move the broodbox onto a bench or some stacked empty super boxes and remove the dirty old floor and place a clean, flamed floor onto the original site, replacing the brood box on the clean floor. If you have another hive, clean and flame the floor you have removed from hive 1 and repeat the process on hive 2.

  • Feed light syrup 1:1 sugar/ water if bees are short of food when you do your first quick inspection. Remember to keep feeding until nectar is freely available.

  • Start making up frames (leave the wax untill later) and preparing equipment for an artificial swarm. Clean and blowtorch boxes and crown boards and queen excluders.

  • Review your beekeeping notes and decide which colonies you may want to breed from in the current season, perhaps think of making up Nuc’s as Celia described in her talk recently.

  • Put up Asian Hornet traps with a sweet sugary bait (Apple Juice or strong beer) and check daily, releasing other insects. Take a photo if you think you have trapped an Asian hornet and send it to the non-native species secretariat website.  If the hornet is dead freeze it, if not do not release it.

  • Do a varroa check and treat if necessary - look on BeeBase to see how to calculate the risk.


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