Tips for the Month:

  • Do not disturb your bees at all by opening the hive, if you need to feed you can do so over the feed hole, or if the colony is weak lift the crown board and place the fondant directly on the top of the frames above where the bees are clustered. If you check your varroa board first you can see from the debris on the floor where the bees are.

  • It is best if you plan to use oxalic acid to treat your bees for varroa when there has been a period of cold weather - at least a week.

  • Heft your hives every 3 to 4 weeks and feed fondant through the feed hole of the crown board if they seem light.

  • Continue to clean and repair any equipment. Apparently using a steam cleaner to clean poly hives works well - I plan to try this and will let you know if it works!

  • Should we have snow, clear the entrances.

  • Think about doing some study about bees…!!!


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