Rugby Beekeepers Apiary Sessions


During the bee keeping season we run a series of monthly training sessions at our apiary.  They are held at weekends and normally start in April and run through until September

Each month we cover subjects relevant to that month.  Subjects and practical sessions include;

  • Lighting and using a smoker
  • Using and holding the hive tool 
  • Removing and manipulating frames for inspection
  • How to conduct an inspection of the colony  
  • How to keep hive records
  • Finding the queen 
  • Understanding why timings are important for future actions 
  • Using a Nuc as an alternative swarm control measure 
  • Performing an artificial swarm
  • How a disease inspection differs from a regular inspection 
  • Identifying healthy and unhealthy brood
  • Laying workers or drone laying queens
  • How to use a clearer board
  • What to do with empty supers 
  • When and how to feed 
  • Assessing local forage and how much to feed 
  • Counting varroa drop
  • IPM(integrated pest management)
  • Legal requirements for recording treatments
  • Assessing winter stores
  • Preparing the hive against weather
  • Preparing the hive against pests 
  • Storage of empty combs over winter to prevent wax moth damage